ElegantPress is a variable-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that just has to be seen to be appreciated. It comes with various layouts, a jquery slider, lightbox, inbuilt web fonts, jquery gallery, jquery jportfolio, more goodies, and even a working contact form. You’ll notice that this template makes use of HTML5 elements such as header, nav, and article, but does so in a way that is incorporated within a standard div structure. This is a great way to convert a previous design into HTML5, while still being compliant. Note that this particular contributed template is licensed differently (a BSD license) than the rest of the templates on this site (CC by 3.0), but it is pretty much equal to the one we use, so I allowed it to be featured here. Also, the zip file is larger than most of the templates here, so be a little patient with the download. And of course, with this one, although you can download it here, you can also always get the latest version from its release page as well.

Designer, Pritesh Gupta, contributed this template. Please visit his info page to learn more about him, and to visit his site.

View Demo Download Here

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If you appreciate this template, or any of the other free templates I create and would like to encourage me to continue to do so, then a small donation would be very much appreciated. Just enough for a cup of coffee, maybe? If so, just click the Donate button below. Thanks for considering it.

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  • Jenifer


    nice template.

  • Ben

    Hi, this templates looks amazing and I’m keen to use it because my self-built flash site is in dire need of an overhaul, but I’m no web designer and a complete novice, would I be able to customize this site (text/pictures/media etc.) easily in Dw CS5.5?



  • Sure, absolutely.

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