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What Is Newsy Multiple Column HTML5 And CSS3 Template


Newsy is a lovely newspaper/magazine-style template that takes advantage of CSS3's sophisticated multiple-column capability. Content flows simply and automatically from one column to the next, with no effort on the author's part. This template stands out as both beautiful and bold because to its paper-textured backdrop and usage of little flecks of vibrant color.

Multi-column CSS Layout

The CSS multi-column layout makes it simple to define numerous text columns, just like in newspapers.

Multiple Columns In CSS

The column-count attribute indicates how many columns should be divided into an element.

Rules Or CSS Columns

The column-rule-style attribute sets the style of the column rules.

A CSS3 multi column layout on website
A CSS3 multi column layout on website

A Three-column Design

Our beginning point file comprises some very basic HTML: a wrapper with a container class, a headline, and a few paragraphs inside.

Our multicol container will be a div> with a container class. We use one of two parameters to allow multicol: column-count or column-width. The column-count property accepts a number as input and generates that many columns.

Columns Are Styled

Multicol creates columns that cannot be customized independently. A single column's background or text color cannot be changed, nor can it be made larger than other columns. You have two chances to make a change.

Using the column-gap command, you can change the size of the space between columns.

With column-rule, you may add a rule between columns.

Columns That Span

An element can be made to spread over all columns. The content in this scenario splits where the spanning element is introduced and then continues below it, generating a new set of columns. Specify the value of all for the column-span attribute to have an element span all columns.

Fragmentation And Columns

A multi-column layout's material is disjointed. It works in much the same way that content on paged media does, such as when you print a webpage. When you make a multicol container out of your content, it breaks down into columns. It is necessary for the content to accomplish this in order for it to be effective.


You now know how to use the basic features of multiple-column layout, another tool at your disposal when choosing a layout method for the designs you're building.

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