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Best Invesment Pitch Templates To Attract More Money To Your Business


You discover from a list a good investment opportunityin your country.

Now that you've secured a meeting with an investor to present your startup idea, sit down (or stand up) with them.

Each year, investors meet with thousands of companies' entrepreneurs, but only a small number of them end up signing deals.

Not to discourage you, but rather to let you know that.

If you want to get financing, your pitch is essential. Before you get a yes, you'll probably receive a lot of noes.

Knowing this second point will help you approach investor pitches as learning opportunities rather than situations when everything is on the line and failure is not an option.

In light of this, let's begin that learning process by talking about how to pitch investors, so you may present yourself in the best light during these encounters.

And give you some tricks and examples of best invesment pitch templates.

How To Get Ready To Present To Investors An Investment Pitch

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to help you when you're in the room to pitch investors.

Take a moment to step back from your company's thoughts and try to put yourself in the shoes of an investor.

Plant growing in a pot of coins
Plant growing in a pot of coins

What Are Your Main Concerns?

Of course, helping others and witnessing brilliant ideas come to life may be of interest to you, but in the end, you want to get your money's worth.

After all, you'll be able to invest in more businesses that way! Your first thought when considering your business is generally to discuss your product, what makes it unique and how it will change the world.

However, when speaking with investors, the focus is on how you plan to generate money, not the product.

An investor wants to see a strong business case, a clear explanation of how their money will be paid back, and the possibility of making more money.

It's Not Just About the Money. A company's success depends just as much on the people who run it as it does on having a great product and enough cash flow.

Consider the knowledge and expertise that would enhance the value of your business, then seek out investors who could offer both money and these things.

How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors - Startups 101

Think Like An Investor.

Although who you are matters just as much as what you present to an investor, it is frequently remarked that a B-class team will frequently make nothing of an A-class product, whereas an A-class team can make a B-class product successful.

Make sure to persuade your investors that you are a top-notch team with a top-notch offering.

Be Realistic And Firmly Convinced

Few businesses grow at a rate that is 100 times faster than their competitors and completely dominate their market.

Consider your company's value carefully while presenting your investment proposal.

the potential for expansion and the timetable for doing so.

Negotiation is a necessary part of the investment-securing process, so it's a good idea to think about what your fallback stance would be.

Keeping a majority of the business or, for example, only selling a certain number of shares

What To Present To Investors

A comprehensive business strategy is the first step in developing a winning pitch. It is therefore up to you to decide what makes your company attractive and a worthwhile investment.

Even if you have a detailed analysis of how you compare to the competitors across several industries on five pages of your proven financial history, you still won't be able to cover everything.

Because you often only have ten minutes to make your case when presenting to angel investors and venture capitalists for the first time, here's how to succeed with your brief pitch.

Construct A Presentation

Spend some time creating your pitch deck.

The objective is to produce a deck that is simple for you to work from and excite investors about your company.

In light of this, you ought to have two versions of your pitch deck: one that is short enough for you to present in ten minutes, and the other is longer and has all the information you want potential investors to have access to.

If you need assistance putting your pitch together, check out this list of resources to create a polished presentation.

Work On Your Pitch

You should prepare your pitch. Every other suggestion on this list is essentially meaningless if you can't talk to every aspect of your company rapidly.

Too many business owners believe that they can clearly and concisely describe the value of their company simply by being familiar with it.

And having a standout pitch deck with stunning visuals will be sufficient as a backup.

So they are unprepared when they attend pitch sessions.

You'll soon find yourself babbling for 20 minutes after only getting through slide 5, instead of being able to say, "I only need 10 minutes of your time," and actually taking 10 minutes.

Spend time practicing, make your messaging simple, and only keep components that will help your business grow.

Everything else should be left on the cutting room floor.

Describe The Issue With A Tale

Start your pitch with a gripping tale. It ought to speak to the issue you're trying to solve for the consumer.

This will immediately pique the interest of your audience. Additionally, attempt to put actual statistics here if you've conducted any testing.

Even better if you can connect your tale to your audience in this example, the investor.

  • What sectors have they previously invested in?
  • What problems did their prior entrepreneurship projects have?

Do some research on the potential investor to find out what's important to them so you can change your story to fit.

Your Response

Talk about what makes your product special and how it will resolve the problem you mentioned in the previous slide.

Keep it brief, clear, and simple so that the investor can convey it to others. Unless potential investors are well-versed in your field, avoid employing jargon.

Once more, if you've done any testing previously, plug results here to boost the legitimacy of your solution.

Hands holding eight bank notes of 100 dollars
Hands holding eight bank notes of 100 dollars

Your Intended Audience

Even though it might be true in the future, avoid claiming that the entire world is your possible target market.

Be truthful about the target market for your goods and segment your market into TAM, SAM, and SOM.

This will not only amaze your audience, but it will also make you think more carefully about your roll-out strategy.

When discussing your target market, if you can, strive to create a user persona or your ideal client.

This shows that you've given careful consideration to who your business will service and can assist investors in visualizing the prospective consumer base.

Speaking to a specific person in a brief pitch is also simpler than speaking to a large demographic.

Your Business's Revenue Or Model

This last slide typically interests investors the most. How will you generate income?

Be very clear about what you offer and how much it costs, and stress again how eagerly your market is waiting for you.

Early Progress And Landmarks

You want to establish some credibility early on in the presentation.

Spend some time expressing the pertinent progress you've achieved.

This is your chance to promote yourself.

Make a good impression on the investors with your team's current accomplishments.

This is the time to make a full picture of your business, even if you have shown hints of it before.

Make sure to discuss your future goals as well. Present them with a plan of the following steps, extra milestones, and even the cash needed to make them a reality.

A Marketing And Sales Plan

This is typically one of the components of a thorough business plan and investor pitch that is most frequently omitted.

  • How will you connect with your audience?
  • What will the price be? How will you assess your progress?

You should be able to calculate your client acquisition costs with ease using your financial statements.

But you should also describe your strategy for reaching customers, the media you'll use for advertising, and even give an illustration of your message.

You've done your homework and know your target market, so why not demonstrate to investors how that will work in practice?

Your Group

Investors believe in people, not ideas, so make sure to highlight your rock star staff and why they are the ideal candidates to run your business.

Share any skill sets that your team could be lacking as well.

Most startup teamsare lacking crucial personnel, including those with skills in marketing, management, programming, sales, operations, financial management, and other areas.

Let them know that you are aware of your limitations.

Your Anticipated Earnings

Describe your revenue projections (per product) over the upcoming three to five years. You must provide assumptions to support your numbers.

Give investors the information they need to verify that your calculations are accurate since you'll see them pulling out their smartphone calculators to make sure your figures make sense.

If the growth on your financial chart resembles a hockey stick, be sure to explain what caused those inflection points.

While it can be quite tempting to spend a lot of time explaining finances, bear in mind that you need to get your point across swiftly.

Add your full financials to the extended pitch deck or offer to answer investors' questions after your presentation if they want to know more.

Your Adversaries

Again, this is a crucial component of your pitch, and many individuals leave it out or don't elaborate sufficiently on how they stand out from their rivals.

The most effective way to convey your value proposition over that of your competitors is to present this slide in a competitive matrix format, where your features and benefits are listed across the top, your competitors are listed down the left side, and boxes are checked to indicate which company provides each service.

To show that you have a competitive edge, you should be the best at everything while your competitors are weak in key areas.

Your Financial Demands

Clearly state how much money has already been invested in your business, who made the investment, the ownership stakes, and how much more money is required to take it to the next level.

  • Will you need to raise money in more than one round?
  • Are you looking for a convertible note, an equity round, or another type of investment?

Remind the audience of your management team's qualifications to oversee their investment for expansion.

Tell potential investors how much you need, why you need it, what you'll do with it, and what you want to achieve.

Your Plan Of Retreat

Most investors will want to hear your exit strategy if you're looking for substantial amounts of investment funds (above $1 million).

Do you have any plans to be acquired, go public (which very few businesses really do), or do something else?

Demonstrate that you have done your research on this exit strategy, the organizations you are targeting, and the reasons it would make sense three, five, or ten years from now.


Investors will expect you to have evidence to support your assertions.

Have a thorough business plan available to discuss with investors so they can learn more if they choose. After all, the goal is for them to raise their hands and request your executive summary or entire business plan by the time you've finished your persuasive pitch.

Utilize Suggestions To Improve Your Pitch

Look for ways to get better no matter what happens with your pitch, whether you get financing, a second meeting, or rejection.

Ask for feedback without being intimidated, then consider it when you pitch again.

Don't press the issue if the investor isn't willing to supply any at this point.

It's a delicate balance to strike because you just spent their time and are now asking for more from them.

If at all possible, send another team member to take notes and review the material with them afterward.

Look for weak points, places you made mistakes, and slides that caused the investor to respond negatively.

Even if you believe you have the ideal pitch, keep adjusting, practicing, and performing.

Really, until you provide your pitch, you won't know how well it works.

Keep your cool and view each investor pitch as an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

You'll just get better and better, and you may use what you learn in every aspect of your business.

Piggy bank and coins
Piggy bank and coins

The Best Free Investment Pitch Templates


Can you imagine a company that specializes in benches?

With this successful presentation deck, the Croatian startup, Include, Ltd. has raised money just for that.

This hardware company focuses on smart benches and has already built more than a thousand of them in "260 cities and municipalities across six continents."

We've also redesigned this one using our magic. And thanks a lot!


What flavor would a cannabis beverage have?

Cannabis infusions are the foundation of K-company.

Here's another pitch deck we redesigned for you, as well.

This company wants to be a pioneer in the cannabis beverage market by making tasty, reliable, and safe products.


Talk about utilizing metrics for scaling.

AceUp focuses on the workforce by providing individualized professional coaching to connect employees at all levels of the business with their full potential, through a tech-enabled framework that is meaningful, scalable, and quantifiable.

They did raise a respectable amount of money using their pitch deck, but we have now finished our design work to update it.

And you can use it for nothing right now.


The fact that a bike ride is connected to a web system that allows consumers to contact trainers from the convenience of their homes will delight all cardio enthusiasts.

We redesigned the deck that helped Pelotón pass their funding rounds since they use technology to improve workouts and fitness.

Tata Ratan

Unfortunately, Tata ratan, an industrialist and former chairman of Tata Sons, proposed the pitch structure.

You may make the most of an experienced investor's content with Slidebean's redesign for an engaging pitch deck template overall.

It has helpful advice and content divided over 16 slides.


Can you envision a sales presentation for a website that combines social news and fun like Buzzfeed?

Here it is, then! In case you're interested in reading more, we've previously examined their slides in-depth.

For the time being, it could be helpful to know that this deck assisted them in raising $50 million from Andreessen Horowitz, double their previous round's amount raised, bringing the website's valuation to over $850 million.

People Also Ask

What Is Investor Pitch Deck?

The first communication tool you use to help you raise money with a potential investor is the pitch deck, commonly referred to as a slide deck or pitch deck.

Based on the information in your pitch deck and presentation, the investor can decide whether or not to continue investigating your business possibility.

How Do You Write A Good Investment Pitch?

  • Start with your elevator pitch. 
  • Tell An Entertaining Story.
  • Don't Skip Any Details. 
  • Be certain of the amount of investment you require and its intended use. 
  • Focus Vastly On Market Potential.
  • Clearly Describe the Market Environment. 
  • Talk about the potential risks to your company.

How Do You Make A Pitch Deck For An Investor?

  • Get the required equipment.
  • Prepare your document.
  • Establish a visual aesthetic.
  • The summary.
  • The issue your good or service,
  • Describe your product.
  • Your group.
  • Market opportunity.


The ideal investor pitch deck addresses the issue beforehand and displays the market's current state.

According to the investor pitch deck, the solution is superior to the problem.

Additionally, it shows some early success and business growth expectations.

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