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Best Templates For Diamond Selling - Make Your Commerce Website An Unique Piece


The global diamond industry was destroyed by the pandemic in a manner ranging from carats to peanuts.

The mining industry almost came to a stop because sales stopped and mines closed.

Diamond jewelry business owners are attempting to rediscover their shine by embracing the transformation that is applicable to everyone virtual services.

According to reports, sales of fine jewelry will total USD 65.48 billion by 2025.

Today, online shopping is nothing new.

Jewelry made of diamonds is one of the industries that has benefited from the expansion of eCommerce.

You're in the right place if you're wondering how to launch an online diamond dealing business.

We'll talk more about how to launch an online diamond business in this piece.

And give you some of the best templates for diamond sellingbusiness.

What Steps To Take From Social Media To Websites?

Shoppable posts, stunning visuals, and loyal followers are just a few of the factors that draw many business owners to Instagram.

Even though there are customers on Instagram, it is hard for businesses to start a diamond trading business there.

The typical diamond buyer will require a lot more than just aesthetic qualities and will enjoy being persuaded to make the purchase.

For their purchases, they need authenticity and safety, which a social media platform can't give.

The buyer wants more, even if you outline the history of your brand, offer a verification report, and attest to your level of platform competence.

They might do a lot of research to find out about safe transactions, refund policies, customer reviews, and other things.

You need a setup that is more reliable than social networking platforms to launch a successful online diamond jewelry business.

This setup should also assist you in building your brand's credibility.

So, if you want to start a diamond jewelry business, you need to know how an e-commerce site works.

In search of marketing strategies to reach a larger audience? We can assist with your online diamond jewelry promotion.

Silver necklace with diamonds
Silver necklace with diamonds

Start An Online Store To Sell Diamond Jewelry

eCommerce websites let you use a variety of capabilities to draw visitors and convert them into devoted clients.

Let's explore the benefits of having a website while starting a diamond jewelry company.

How To Buy Loose Diamonds For Your Jewelry Business

Extension Of Customer Reach

Relations and branding are the keys to the success of your brick and mortar store.

Customers that have faith in your brand will always return to your establishment. The one-on-one relationship you've developed with them over time is what helps establish trust.?

A professionally designed website is the first thing you need to launch an online diamond jewelry business.

It has the ability to keep your current customers but also attract new search engine visitors.

Thousands of people will come into your store. Furthermore, you are not restricted to a particular region.

You may take your diamond jewelry line global with an eCommerce website.

Additionally, it's not just about boosting sales.

By having a website, you may increase your potential to sell your goods whenever customers need them.

On the website, your consumers will get all the information they require.

Do any members of your staff offer 24-hour customer service?

So, think about how your brand can show off expensive diamond jewelry to an infinite number of customers.

Build Trust And Customer Loyalty.

A website is a useful tool for connecting with clients and developing trust in addition to showing products. Your most devoted clients are the ones who will purchase your goods even if there isn't a "sale" or "discount" associated with them.

Establish trust and loyalty with your Customers. They'll tell Others About Your Products.

And you want to maintain this circle's size and consistency. So how can a website foster loyalty? Let's investigate.

  • Positive reviews will attract more clients to your company. Ask for and gather customer testimonials, then post them on your website.
  • Your clients will return if you have a robust rewards program in place.
  • Offer a point system to encourage people to keep buying your product.
  • These programs provide consumers with discounts after reaching a certain threshold or spending a certain amount of money.
  • Credibility is also another crucial factor.

As I've previously stated, customers that buy diamonds want to feel knowledgeable and comfortable while making a pricey purchase.

Your brand's credibility is already known to your current customers.

How about the new traffic, though?

They can learn everything about your brand through a website. On the website, you can describe your background, mission, and vision.

Not only this, but you may also present all the necessary certificates to win over potential consumers.

Additionally, a secure checkout page will entice clients to complete an online transaction.

An Advancement Using A Mobile App

As a forward-thinking businessperson, you wouldn't want your diamond jewelry company to be limited to merely having an online presence.

A Step Ahead with the Mobile App Once you begin to reap the rewards of having a website, it's important to consider alternatives to a mobile-friendly website and develop a tailored mobile application to streamline your diamond jewelry business.

The following are a few advantages of having a mobile app:

  • Increased customer retention because of features like live chat,
  • Rewards programs
  • Notifications.

Providing virtual try-ons to reduce product returns is a low-cost marketing strategy.

Small diamonds in a wooden table
Small diamonds in a wooden table

Things To Consider

The Cost Of Constructing A Website

It will vary based on your needs, from $7,500 to $1,500. However, $7000 would be sufficient.

Set aside at least $100,000 if you're planning anything along the lines of bluenile.com or gemvera.com, which both feature extensive ERP systems, integrated billing and accounting systems, logistical modules, and dozens of other modules.

Purchasing Diamonds And Data Collection

The most important items on your website are loose diamonds and gemstones. The following are the primary sources for obtaining diamond data.

Rapnet is a peer-to-peer marketplace where diamonds can be bought and sold.

Through the Rapnet Platform, suppliers submit their diamond inventory and retailers source the gems.

To access the Rapnet Diamond API, you must be a member of Rapnet.

If you do business with diamond suppliers on a regular basis, you can use their diamond data feed to put specific diamonds on your website.

It's crucial to keep in mind that none of the above are vendors of diamonds; rather, they are trading exchanges.

When someone buys a diamond through your website, you have to talk to the supplier directly and make a deal.

The integration of all of these third-party APIs within a website is a specialty of TransPacific Software.

Here are some sample websites that demonstrate how these gems are listed on the jewelry portal (with a markup).

Data Collection

Organize inventory data in an Excel-compatible spreadsheet. It may contain the jewelry stock number, design number, metal, size, stone information, stone provenance, cut, and size, among other things.

Programming Choice

Through elance.com or guru.com, you might locate an excellent web development company, but be cautious to look at their prior work and customer reviews.

Designing jewelry websites is a specialized profession.

As a general guideline, focus on the developer's portfolio rather than the cheapest or "too good to be true" pricing.

We recommend that you work with a development agency instead of a single programmer because they are more reliable.

Ask the coder how long he will continue to support your website by addressing bugs as needed.

The first three months of assistance are critical until the website becomes reliable.

Build Your Own Website

Consider using an open source platform like PHP or MySQL. We strongly advise using PHP-based open-source frameworks like Magento.

Frameworks like Dotnetnuke or Aspdotnetstorefront may be recommended by a developer. But I wouldn't advise them unless you are well knowledgeable about them.

A hosting package must be purchased from a server provider like Godaddy.com, JustHost.com, or HostGator.com.

Using a Linux server for shared hosting is adequate. Avoid spending a lot of money on fancy items like VPS or dedicated servers.

Here is a list of some of the best hosting providers.

Payment Portal: You must sign up with payment gateway providers if you want to make real-time online purchases using a credit card.

  • The service that automates the payment transaction: This is between the customer and the merchant is known as a payment gateway.
  • A third-party service: which is basically a network of computer programs, processes, checks, and accepts or rejects credit card transactions over secure Internet connections on behalf of the merchant.
  • The payment gateway will be integrated into your eCommerce website by your developer.

If you don't want to do business online, you can still do transactions in person, where the buyer can pay by check or wire transfer.

Here is a list of a few reputable payment gateway companies.

SEO For Diamond Sellers' Websites

The most challenging area is probably search engine optimization.

Google's algorithms are very complex, and it takes months before your site can even start appearing in the first three pages for generic search strings like diamond engagement ring.

  • If anyone is promising to put your website on the first page of Google for search terms like "engagement rings" or Diamond Jewelry,he is deceiving.
  • Don't open social networking accounts unless you have a regular time commitment to maintaining them.
  • You may open a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, and Google Plus profiles, regularly announcing "what's new," "news," and your thoughts.
  • You might want to get help from a developer with this, but make sure to use semantic tags that follow the rules of schema.org.
  • Ask your developer to add a blog, and then keep writing blogs about your ideas, news in your industry, etc. Avoid utilizing Flash on your website.
  • Introduce unique content to your website, such as "How to Choose Jewelry" or "Type of Color Stones.
  • Google's ranking algorithm will reward you for it. Ask your developer to sign up for Google Webmaster Central and upload sitemaps so Google crawlers can find them.
  • Send a submission for your website to directories like DMoz or Yahoo Directory.
  • List your site in the right category on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg.

Ask your developer to include sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus on the website.

Where To Sell Your Diamonds

Best Website Templates For Diamond Sellers


Monsta is ideal for a jewelry store, gift shop, mobile store, clothing store, or any other type of e-store.

It is an outstanding, one-of-a-kind, and fully responsive Shopify theme. Its design is clean and smooth, which makes viewers easily impressed at a glance.

You can easily change the elements as you need to. You can also use them at your discretion.


Ruby is ideal for a jewelry store, gift shop, mobile store, clothing store, or any shop related to the fashion industry, as well as any other type of e-store.

The Lopez-Jewelry Shopify Theme is an outstanding, unique, and fully responsive Shopify theme.

Its design is clean and smooth, which makes viewers easily impressed at a glance.


Mailio is a responsive newsletter template that works well for jewelry, Christmas, Christmas wishes, happy New Year, diamond jewelry, music concerts, and birthday wishes.

It also works with email marketing platforms like campaign monitor and mailchimp newsletter.


If you have a sophisticated e-commerce site, you can start your online journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur sooner rather than later. In this sense, Shopify is the perfect platform to construct gorgeous e-commerce websites.


Amona is a premium, multipurpose Shopify themefor businesses that sell luxury items like jewelry, diamonds, watches, jewelry shops, colored stones, ornaments, jewelry, jewelry shops, cosmetics, watches, and smart watches.

Amona is the best for all small and large businesses to sell their products with the best conversion and with the finest design quality and features. It is clean, fashionable, and simple.

Amona is a premium Shopify theme for all types of businesses, including jewelry, diamonds, antique stores, jewelry shops, colored stones, ornaments, watches, fashion, art galleries, photography, antique stores.

Volia is a simple, modern theme for clothing stores, electronics, medical equipment, plants, pets, kids' fashion, and minimal fashion.


Responsive jewelry ecommerce theme for retail jewelry stores, jewelry shops, fashion jewelry suppliers, handmade jewelry designers, fancy jewelry manufacturers, fancy product designs, online gift shops, and jewelry catalog display.

Diamond in a crystal table
Diamond in a crystal table

People Also Ask

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Diamonds?

Almost all purchases of loose diamonds come from James Allen and Blue Nile, which we heartily endorse.

In addition to these two, Abe Mor, Brian Gavin, and Leibish & Co are all excellent specialty sellers if you're seeking fancy colored diamonds, high-quality cuts, or uncommon and distinctive diamonds (Abe Mor, Brian Gavin, and Leibish).

How Much Is A 2 Carat Diamond Worth?

Depending on the diamond's cut quality, clarity, color, and shape, the cost of a 2 carat diamond can range from $6,500 to $55,000.

The typical price range for 2 carat diamonds in the most popular cuts and shapes is provided below.

How Do I Know The Value Of My Diamond?

Select a color grade (leftmost column) and a clarity grade to begin calculating the price of diamonds (top row).

Then, multiply the result of their intersection by 100, and finally, by the carat weight.

An I-color, VVS2-clarity diamond, for instance, would cost $3,000 per carat.


It's time to expand your audience and enhance sales by establishing an e-commerce site. Build it once and use it for years to come. But starting a business requires a detailed plan that includes everything from doing research to coming up with a marketing plan.

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