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The Best Templates For You To Create A Numerology Website In HTML5


Numerologists believe certain combinations of numbers are attracted to success and interpret the numbers that define life cycles. Give client readings via video podcast when you create a numerology educational video podcast.

Ensure that the reading can only be downloaded by the customer and that they can only view the podcast on the website. Only when the customer has saved it will the podcast stay online.

For that reason, we recommend the best templates for you to create a numerology website in HTML5 and Wordpress.

What Numerology's Functions Include

As a numerologist, you can predict a client's likelihood of success in various areas, including finance, job, marriage, and general happiness, based on the client's first, middle, and last names.

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Personal video podcasts that may be kept on iPods, mobile phones, or PCs function well with readings by numerologists, astrologers, or other practitioners for purely amusing purposes.

The videos can be downloaded and uploaded to a website.

Numerologists contend that by simply changing your name, you can affect how people see you and, consequently, your chances of success.

How Does Numerology Work?

The study of numbers for occult reasons is known as numerology.

Numerologists say that they can predict the future by looking at the numbers in a person's name, birth date, and other important parts of their lives.

They also say they can predict the future, judge a person's character, and guess how lucky they are.

How Is A Numerology Working Environment?

Most numerology readings are done one-on-one. Some people find this much easier than speaking in front of a large group, but others may feel uncomfortable with the closeness.

Most people think that numerology is one of the safer job types, and it's not likely to put the candidate's health or safety at risk.

Numerologists often go to the places where their clients work. Before entering a strange place, they should quickly figure out if there are any mental dangers there.

If the numerologist decides to provide lectures, the hard circumstances really start.

It takes a lot of practice to get over the anxiety when speaking in front of an audience, which is a phobia that many individuals have.

Many presenters get out to a good start but rapidly reach the "dry mouth, can't think" stage.

A solid grasp of the fundamental principles of numerological theory can assist the presenter get over any undesirable moments of apprehensive worry throughout the session.

Improvements come with practice and time.

Astrology symbol of the sun with stars around it
Astrology symbol of the sun with stars around it

The Best Numerology Templates


For astrology and numerology-related websites, Astrologer is a multipurpose, all-in-one astrology HTML template.

You can construct a variety of astrology service websites using this multi-page HTML, such as those that offer palm readings, Tarot card readings, Vastu Shastra, gemstones, or Chinese Feng Shui.

It has more than 36 HTML pages and an online store that will let you start selling your gemstones, numerology, astrology, and feng shui books online.


Specifically created for astrology, numerology, zodiac, horoscope, tarot, and mystical online shops, Mysta is a contemporary WordPress theme. It is modern, completely responsive, and simple to customize.

The intuitive drag-and-drop Elementor visual builder, WooCommerce, and translation plugins like WPML and TranslatePress are all completely compatible with the theme.


The multipurpose Horoscope HTML template was created for astrological and numerology-related websites.

You can create a variety of astrology service websites with this multi-page HTML, including ones that offer palm readings, Tarot card readings, Vastu Shastra, gemstones, and Chinese Feng Shui.

It has 18 HTML pages and an online store option, giving you the chance to start selling your gemstones, numerology and astrology books, feng shui goods, and other items online.


Prophet is a multi-functional astrology and esoteric WordPress theme for holistic activities like natal chart reading, tarot reading, numerology, meditation, fortune telling, magic, and more.

The theme works well for promoting esoteric and magical classes, conferences, and seminars, as well as for selling gift cards and certificates.

The theme is compatible with the most widely used events calendar, allowing you to display upcoming events and inform users of their time, location, and cost before they happen.

The theme was made with the Elementor Page Builder and works with a number of other plugins, such as Slider Revolution, Elegro Crypto Payment, MailChimp for WP, Contact Form 7, and ThemeREX Addons.


Numerology and astrology are based on numbers.

The Elementor Template Kit was developed to satisfy the requirements of law offices, law firms, advocates, attorneys, barristers, and counsel; businesses; consultancy; finance; justice; legal advisers; solicitors; legal offices; lawyers; and accountants; among many other people who require a corporate website.

It is the perfect website for both major legal firm websites and websites for individual attorneys.


For astrologers, astrology events, zodiac forecasts, fortune telling, tarot reading, spirituality classes, bookstores, religious websites, and online astrology reports, Augury is a comprehensive astrology WordPress theme.

Online appointments can be made for astrology services such as numerology, palm reading, vastusastra, zodiac websites, horoscope readings, gemstone consultations, tarot card readings, birth journals, and consultations for vastu shastra.

These services also include advice on love-life remedies, nakshatras, and Chinese feng shui.


A contemporary theme called Magia was created specifically for astrology, magic, and horoscope reporting.

Mystical and magical items have long drawn people's attention. We highly recommend adopting the Magia WordPress theme if your website is about esoterics, unconventional medical procedures, meditation, or other similar topics.

The theme is simple to use, has a quick installation process, and excellent documentation that walks users through every aspect of theme usage.

Because Magia is built on the GPL3 Unyson framework and includes a free, quick, and simple page builder, managing layouts is a cinch.

As a foundation for the frontend, we also employed the Bootstrap framework, which ensures lag-free performance across all devices and excellent SEO characteristics.

We made every effort to ensure that you have access to all the tools necessary to publish and update your daily and weekly horoscope reports given that this website theme is astrology-focused.

The theme also has an appointment feature that lets you schedule consultations with clients and keep track of your schedule.

888 number in black
888 number in black

People Also Ask

How Reliable Is Numerology?

When it comes to making important and tough decisions in life, numerology has consistently proven to be completely reliable.

You could use the results of numerology to figure out when it might be best to start a new business or ask for a raise.

What Is My Numerology Number By Date Of Birth?

Your birthday number is five if you were born on the fifth day of the month. You may get your birthday number by adding the two numbers together (2 + 8 = 10) if you were born on the 28th (a double-digit number).

You do not need to reduce birthday numbers to a single digit.

Can Numerology Tell Your Future?

Both in real life and in fiction, numerology has a strong psychological component. Additionally, numbers are actually life in physics.

According to writers from JoyNumber: "If the theory is correct, knowing one set of numbers can predict what another set of numbers might be in the future" you can check their work clicking here.

How To Install Templates

How To Setup & Install Horoscope and Astrology WordPress Theme


If you want to be a good numerologist, you need to practice often, read books about the school you choose, and learn from more experienced numerologists.

However, never forget to create a website; if you don't, it will probably be difficult for you to attract new clients.

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