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When looking for top-rated WordPress themes, Elegant Themesis one option any blogger should take seriously.

Aside from captivating layouts the readers will adore, it’s packed with features that bloggers will commend.

Talk about smooth configuration of menus, hassle-free changing of fonts and colors, and easy managing of those things with daunting names (Google Analytics, SEO).

And we’re only talking about the standard features here.

When it comes to WordPress themes, visual appeal and reliability are a perfect combination.

Bloggers can get that ideal kind of mixture from Elegant Themes.

Installing A WordPress Plugin From Elegant Themes

What Is Divi And Elegant Themes?

More than just themes, Elegant Themes is actually a shop that sells WordPress themes.

According to its LinkedIn profile:

Elegant Themes builds amazingly beautiful Premium WordPress Themes coupled with advanced functionality and awesome support.

In addition to that, this WordPress theme shop promises that its tools can lead to “stunning and powerful” blogs/websites.

It used to sell 87 themes, according to WordPress resource site WPKube.

Now it concentrates on only two: Divi (introduced in 2013) and Extra.

Both function as themes and as website builders (or, using the marketing terms of Elegant Themes, a “visual page builder”).

Divi happens to be the lead theme of Elegant Themes. Extra is its magazine themefor WordPress.

At present, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme.

That’s based on statistics (updated on June 13, 2022) provided by BuiltWith, a trends and internet research site.

Below is the distribution of WordPress theme usage in the world’s top 1 million websites:

  • Divi - 6 percent
  • Astra Theme - 5 percent
  • GeneratePress - 4 percent
  • Newspaper - 4 percent
  • Hello Elementor - 3 percent
  • Others - 79 percent

As of June 15, 2022, the number of websites (several from the U.S.) using Divi was 2,334,147.

WordPress theme Divi and its visual builder technology
WordPress theme Divi and its visual builder technology

Elegant Themes likewise decreased its tools. At present it only has three:

  • Bloom (social mediaplugin)
  • Divi Builder (drop-and-drag page builder plugin)
  • Monarch (email opt-in and lead generation plugin)

Installing the Divi Theme will automatically install the Divi Builder (released: October 2015) in the process. That’s because the latter gets included already when a blogger downloads the former.

The Divi Builder is a standalone plugin.

Meaning, if a blogger decides to use a different WordPress theme (not from Elegant Themes), he/she can use the Divi Builder on it.

The Divi Builder also powers Extra.

Creating a category layout through Elegant Themes Divi Builder plugin
Creating a category layout through Elegant Themes Divi Builder plugin

Elegant Themes Pricing

A 30-day money-back guarantee comes with the free trial that Elegant Themes offers to new customers.

Again, the offer is for a free trial, not a free version of Divi.

For a limited time, Elegant Themes assures a “no-questions-asked refund.”

If, within 30 days, a blogger/customer wants to cancel for whatever reason, he/she will receive a refund.

Elegant Themes presents two pricing arrangements:

  • “Yearly Access”($89 per year)
  • “Lifetime Access”($249, one-time payment)

Both pricing packages include the following:

  • Divi
  • Extra
  • Elegant Themes plugins (Bloom, Divi Builder, Monarch)
  • website packs (hundreds available)
  • website usage (unlimited)

The main difference between the “Yearly Access” and the “Lifetime Access” is in terms of the extent of updates and support. The latter, as suggested by its name, comes with lifetime updates and support.

For bloggers/customers who will opt for “Yearly Access” and will want to cancel beyond the 30-day free trial period, here are what will happen:

1. Their account/subscription “will remain active” (until the one-year term is over).

After the said term is over, their access to the following will be cut:

  • members area
  • new themes
  • theme updates
  • tech support

2. Whatever themes they have already downloaded, they can use it “forever.”

Elegant Themes makes sure its pricing is justified as it also offers its team’s 24/7 support and a “rock solid” security for everyone’s peace of mind.

Elegant Themes Review

At Danish consumer review site Trustpilot, Elegant Themes currently enjoys a 4.9-star rating.

Out of 20,459 reviews, 97 percent of reviewers regarded the ultra-popular WordPress theme shop as “Excellent.”

Scottish internet marketerand content creator Kevin Muldoon, in his 2022 review of Divi published by Design Bombs, wrote this:

It would quickly establish itself as one of the best all-in-one WordPress themes on the market.

Well, the statistics mentioned earlier in this article will support Muldoon’s claim as well the rating Elegant Themes has received at Trustpilot.

Muldoon also praised Elegant Themes for its decision to trim down the number of its themes/products.

This ethos of quality, not quantity, has changed the way Elegant Themes develops products.

Bloggers who are into eCommerce most likely appreciate the social media plugin Bloom can integrate with 19 email marketing services.

Moreover, Divi’s 46 customizable content modules and more than 1,000 layouts alone make it “highly versatile,” according to WPKube.

Elegant Themes for different website types
Elegant Themes for different website types

People Also Ask

Are Elegant Themes Good?

Based on the result of over 20,000 reviews made through Trustpilot, Elegant Themes is not only good – it’s excellent!

At present, more than 2 million websites use Elegant Themes.

Who Owns Elegant Themes?

Nick Roach, a Graphic Design graduate from the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, founded Elegant Themes.

He has been its CEO since May 2008.

Where Is Elegant Themes Located?

A private company, Elegant Themes has its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.


Elegant Themes has been around for 14 years now, and, to borrow a famous line: “So far, so good.”

Things appear to even get better and better for this WordPress theme shop.

Numerous bloggers and companies with websites across the globe chose Divi as their theme.

Considering the “highly competitive” WordPress theme market, according to Kevin Muldoon, he said that Elegant Themes will continue to be a forerunner.

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