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Best Medical Website Templates - Make Your Hospital Site More Human

Online searches for various services, including medical ones, are becoming more and more popular.

According to a recent study, 83% of web visitors look for healthcare information.

As a healthcare professional, you need to understand how powerful the internet is if you want to reach more of your target audience.

This article will highlight a few helpful ideas that will disclose the secret of a great medical website templates since there are things you should keep in mind as you go about building your medical website.

Why Is Building A Healthcare Website So Important Today?

For a healthcare website to be strong, safe, and reliable, medical professionals and staff need to put money into it.

Additionally, this is done to guarantee everyone's safety and the privacy of their personal information and health status.

The reappearance of stricter health restrictions due to covid makes websites for healthcare particularly timely.

The best thing to do is to stay at home and do any important business online.

Building A Website Suggestions

Make Use Of A Simple And Clean Web Design

It is excellent to design a healthcare website with a straightforward layout. This idea aims to provide online users some breathing room.

Additionally, a clean design evokes an atmosphere like that of a hospital or clinic, where off-white or blue color schemes are typical.

White backgrounds are not necessary because dark hues are often used on other healthcare websites.

You can make a website for health care that represents the brand online by using the logo and theme colors of the clinic or hospital.

Keep it straightforward and concentrate on effective functionality rather than design.

Just like having an obvious call-to-action button on your landing page, it is crucial to take into account the psychology behind your website's design.

Medical reseacher analysing a test
Medical reseacher analysing a test

Easy To Use Navigation

When creating a healthcare website, the creators should put themselves in the users' position.

Run numerous tests to ensure user-friendliness. Make your healthcare website accessible to seniors.

Remember that not all visitors to your healthcare website will be computer proficient.

If you have a slide presentation, give obvious indicators like arrows pointing to the left or right.

If the user scrolls the pages, you may also add an up and down button.

A straightforward instruction will make things easier for them to use. Consequently, you'll see patients stay longer as they search for solutions to their needs.

The site search box or button is one of the most frequently utilized tips. We all know that people use websites for health care to find the information they need.

It might talk about how to treat the symptoms of a specific illness.

Online users absolutely require a search button on your website. They occasionally use this tiny button to inquire about health issues.

It's still necessary to speak with a specialist, but if you can resolve common health problems on your own, that will save both the doctor and the patient time.

This is why the user's convenience should always come first when developing a healthcare website.

Invest In Professional Photography And Videography

If you don't use good photos and videos, the money you spend to make your healthcare website design interesting will be wasted.

The visual appeal of your website is crucial in getting visitors to use it.

You can hire a photographer to take pictures of the healthcare, medical staff, clinic, and even the doctors for the team section.

Keep in mind that the appearance of the healthcare website will be improved by high-quality photographs and graphics.

Medical Information That Is Reliable And Accurate

In an age where people rely almost entirely on the internet, healthcare websites must provide complete and accurate information about medical conditions.

Accuracy and dependability are two important things to think about when giving health advice or professional recommendations.

Engaging Healthcare Content

A blog about the personnel and medical professionals may be added. Create interesting information regarding the healthcare website's medical center or its doctors.

The website's goals and objectives should be reflected in the web design.

Because of this, we offer a variety of templates that can be changed and are great for building websites for the healthcare industry.

Make Sure Your Data Is Secure And Confidential

Many well-known website builders offer free web hosting and SSL certificates, but others charge an extra $1 for data security.

Quality, functionality, and data security are three essential characteristics that a healthcare website should possess. Your site is prepared if you have all of these.

Reviews And Testimonial Sections

Yes, websites for healthcare that include testimonials and reviews attract more attention than those that have nothing to display at all.

Patients can provide feedback by using a personalized form or comment area.

Sounds fantastic? You can start by going to our sign-up page.

Incorporating A Contact Form

Users can ask direct questions by using the contact form on your healthcare website.

While the clinic or hospital's emergency contact information must be included, you can set up a contact form where clients can submit queries and get in touch with them.

Social media is being used by a lot of people. Your healthcare website will probably get more internet visitors if it is connected to a social media page.

It's fantastic to get people to visit your website.

On your site dashboard, you can also get real-time feeds and updates about how people are using your site and what they are doing there.

Your healthcare website will do well in search results if you keep the lines of communication open and provide useful medical information.

Examples Of Health Websites That Excel In Certain Areas

Healthcare-Videos And Storytelling

A variety of video storytelling is featured on websites for healthcare.

Prospective patients highly rate facility tours, provider interviews, and therapy films.

The One Health Region

Outside Link opens in a fresh tab. They do a fantastic job of using video to tell their story.

The use of an interesting and dramatic video as their hero statement on the homepage captures the viewer's attention right away and increases the user's belief that Regional One has the answer to their health problems.

Website Accessibility - Rest Assured

The Rest Assured was created and constructed to meet WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility compliance. Outside Link opens in a new tab.

All users are welcome on the website, which is always a wise decision for firms in any field.

This website was made with accessibility in mind, including components like big, high-contrast fonts and simple keyboard navigation.

The Rest Assured site also makes good use of alt text on every image, which is used by screen readers and other text-to-speech programs to accurately read and comprehend content for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Superior Photography - Mercy Health

The Mercy Health website opens in a fresh tab.

The website uses vibrant, dynamic visuals to draw viewers in. Rich, colorful photos are used all over the site, from the carousel under the header to other photos. This helps create a feeling of excitement and hope.

Although the type inside the box needs more contrast to improve readability, the use of a deep, vibrant green color for the search box was a very wise choice to encourage a sensation of health and well-being.

Providing Medical Information - Mayo Clinic

For a long time, the Mayo Clinic has been thought of as one of the best places to get medical care in the country.

Outside Link opens in a new tab. is also at the top of its game when it comes to efficiently providing website users with medical information.

On its home page, the Mayo Clinic has a large navigation menu that people can use to find health information about diseases and other health issues.

You can look up health problems by using the Mayo Clinic's full symptom checker or an alphabetical list of illnesses.

The Mayo Clinic also has a section called "Featured Content Topics." In this section, their doctors and professionals write authoritative articles about things like heart arrhythmia and organ transplants.

Also, the Mayo Clinic website is designed with the idea in mind that not all visitors are looking for academic health information.

Instead, a lot of visitors are searching for useful health advice or information, such as how to contact Mayo Clinic for an appointment, where to find a doctor there, or what their COVID-19 guidelines are.

This information is split up into a different navigation menu that is still visible above the fold on the homepage.

Rush Medical - Provides Interesting Health Content

Outside Link will open in a new window. They provide their readers with interesting health-related articles admirably.

Rush uses well-written articles about a wide range of topics, such as health conditions, news and publications from the organization, events and programs related to health, and highlights from their social media posts.

The site is simple to use.

Doctor in an Iranian hospital
Doctor in an Iranian hospital

Testimonials From Patients - Arkansas Surgical Hospital

Patient testimonials are consistently ranked as one of the most important ways for medical patients to get information. This makes them one of the most useful parts of a healthcare website.

When potential patients read these testimonials, they feel more at ease. They also give the doctor or nurse more credibility.

Arkansas Hospital Center. Outside Link opens in a fresh tab. It is excellent at displaying patient testimonials in a carousel that the user controls.

Health, Indiana University. Outside Link opens in a fresh tab. performs an outstanding job of offering users a powerful keyword search option.

Medical services, news, events, providers, and locations are just a few examples of the filters that can be used to refine site searches.

Users may quickly follow their search history on the site thanks to a list of recent queries in the left margin.

In the header navigation, you can also find different ways to search for providers, medical services, and locations.

Simple, Easy Navigation, And A Neat Design - Centura Health

Despite not having the most up-to-date web design, Centura Health Outside Link opens in a fresh tab.

The website has a clear, uncomplicated information architecture.

There are only 5 core links and 2 secondary icons in the navigation menu.

On healthcare websites, the top navigation bar has more than 20 things that all want your attention.

Centura Health's website is much easier to use because it is easy to get around and the search bar is in the middle of the home page where it is easy to see.

Also, the website follows best practices for accessible design by using large fonts with a lot of contrast, which makes it easier for people with vision problems to read.

Leading Healthcare Templates


Medicare is a WordPress theme for health and medicine that can be used for many different things. It was made for a wide range of healthcare and medical institutions.

Our 12 demos include cardiology, surgery, a dentist, an optometrist, a lab, a general hospital, cosmetic surgery, a pediatric clinic, a veterinary clinic, a psychiatrist, a physiatrist, and three new RTL demos.

Both private practices with additional health and medical specialties and solo doctor offices can use our demos.

All demos were made after the needs of real private practices, doctors, hospitals, and clinics were carefully looked at.

Health Facility

The theme is made for medical practices like dentists, doctors, surgeons, hospitals, health clinics, paediatrics, psychiatrists, psychiatry, stomatology, chiropractors, and other practices related to medicine.

It is made with a specific goal in mind. It has a form for making appointments or bookings, a timetable, operating hours, and department management.

Individuals with no programming experience and experienced developers can both utilize it.

This topic covers a wide range of health care professionals, including dentists, psychiatrists, veterinarians, nutritionists, and dietitians.


A sleek and contemporary medical WordPress theme is Asclepius. It will work with your projects for a hospital, clinic, ambulance, nursing home, pharmacy, medical facility, shop that sells medical supplies, medical hospice facility, etc.

Above all, it is good for the spa, wellness hospital, massage and beauty care, dietitian, dermatology clinic, cosmetology company, skin care, hair styling, nail care, plastic surgery, beauty clinic, hairstyling, cosmetic clinic, and laser surgery industries.

Our new theme is a perfect fit for you.


Nordis is a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge medical WordPress theme that works with any personal doctor's practices, medical facilities, and websites for other medical websites.

The design is simple to modify and customize to the demands of the client.

Each widget includes smart and practical settings that make it possible to build stunning websites without any programming experience.


Acupuncture, healing, and massage comprise Accu.

For acupuncturists, traditional healing, massage clinics, rehab centers, alternative medicine clinics, yoga studios, naturopathy clinics, and meditation, there is a modern WordPress theme.


The days of starting a website from scratch are over. Medex is an approachable template for a medical website that will help you launch your project quickly.

Use Medex to your advantage and see results right now. It is strong, practical, and professional.

Thanks to all the modern features and functions, your outcome will give you a great time and help you reach your full potential.

As much as possible, get the word out about your services, and only let potential customers visit your website to learn more about you.


Get Medino, a template for a medical website, in your hands and organize your online presence properly.

This site is intended to help you find hospitals, clinics, dentists, surgeons, doctors, and any other type of medical institution or profession online.

Medino's ready-to-use, simple and minimalist web design ensures that you get the most out of it with the least amount of effort.

Use it as is or alter it to suit your branding demands and specifications. In any case, be successful with Medino.

Doctor talking with a patient
Doctor talking with a patient

People Also Ask

How Do I Create A Health Website?

  • Become visible online.
  • Create a personal health website that fits your vision.
  • Develop your target market.
  • They publish interesting information in various formats.
  • Cooperate and communicate with the people in your network.
  • Build a reliable clientele and useful relationships.

What Is The Best Health Website?

  • Medical Plus.
  • Journal Central.
  • Disease Control Center.
  • Health Information from the Mayo Clinic.
  • Consumer and Patient Health Information Section (CAPHIS).
  • Merck manuals.

What Are 5 Reliable Sources Of Health Information?

Health pamphlets are available in your neighborhood hospital, doctor's office, or community health center.

Nurse-on-Call and Directline are two examples of telephone helplines. a pharmacist or your physician.

Official government websites, websites for specific conditions, websites for support groups, and medical magazines are all good places to find health information you can trust.

Final Reflections

A healthcare website's construction is not simple. To make anything work, it needs to be thoroughly analyzed and tested.

You can now build a healthcare website with cutting-edge web design and practical functionality with a code-free website builder.

As a website builder, we are aware that the websites of our users are to further their missions.

It is time to start creating top-notch, beneficial, and completely effective healthcare websites.

As though our lives depended on it, we therefore make sure to offer our users the best web services and security. It is the ideal design for healthcare websites.

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