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The Best Psychic Templates For Your New Site - Make A Business With Your Fortune Telling Skill


Do you provide readings from psychics and fortune tellers? If so, do you possess the strategies that will increase your job prospects regardless of the fields in which you excel?

If you don't already know, you should look at this inspiration to identify the most breathtaking aspects of psychic website design including inspiring psychic templates for your new site.

Psychic Websites

The psychic services sector is a fascinating one to work in. Accordingly, studies indicate that 22% of US adults, or one in five, have ever consulted a psychic or medium.

Well, it goes without saying that the capacity of psychics to advise and counsel clients is priceless and valuable.

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Although they claim to know what the future contains, promises to deepen self-knowledge and better relationships, the power to shape your own destiny lies within you.

As a result, whether you're seeking ideas on how to launch, develop, or build your psychic career, this hand-picked collection might provide you with great and useful inspiration.

You can find many designs for psychic websites below that can be used as inspiration as you work to improve or revamp your own.

These fantastic psychic websites templates are worth checking out, whether you choose to buy high-quality, ready-made themes or would rather employ a developer to make them for you.

Web presence has become a must for businesses and creative people since it is a successful strategy to increase a brand's reputation, sites like Straight Forward Guidance are good examples of how important is online branding in fortune telling, numerology and reading industry (you can click here to visit the site).

Similarly, psychics shouldn't pass on such a successful marketing strategy to efficiently advertise jobs.

Customers may quickly interact with the psychics with just a few clicks thanks to a great psychic website design.

So, take a look at these websites to find inspiration.

Medium using psychic abilities
Medium using psychic abilities

Best Psychic Website Templates

Magical Elements

As you go through this list, make adjustments to the layout of your psychic website. Learn about the many techniques used by psychics to disclose their characteristics.

Offering genuine psychic readings with amazing skills and resources is Psychic Elements.

The website has a boxed layout and adds basic web components to it. The header specifically displays the logo, CTAs, menu, and phone number.


Typically, psychics assist clients in learning more about their surroundings. Some people might even see hints of the future.

You must take this inspiration into consideration if you are one of these spiritual advisors.

Keen offers a straightforward and user-friendly website layout.

It's a reputable network of gifted spiritual counselors committed to empowering lives by assisting individuals in finding answers, a sense of direction in life, and other things.

Essential web components in the hero header enhance the user experience.

The user can use an advanced search to specifically find the greatest psychic advisor.

Here, a potential customer can specify the services he wants, the pricing range, and whether he wants to chat or call.

Other helpful things, like endorsements, featured psychics, publications that have written about the company, etc., add to it.

Michael Russel

Psychics, like other professions, need to have a significant online presence. This makes it simple for potential customers to contact them wherever they are.

If you're one of them, you might want to take this psychic website design into account to stand out.

The best psychic medium in Canada, Michelle Russell, conveys amazingly accurate messages from departed loved ones.

She can reach more audiences and generate more opportunities thanks to her website.

In particular, the hero header is prepared to contribute to making a favorable impression.

They are all seamless, including the slider, headline, and unambiguous CTAs.

The social media buttons also make it simple to access social media sites.


This August's theme is the height of elegance and beauty! The theme's modern appearance fosters an atmosphere that encourages people to stay on your psychic website longer.

It comes with a variety of pre-made page layouts, signs, and three different appointment form options.

Moreover, along with dynamic shop pages, case study pages, and popular plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, MailChimp, YITH, JET components, and Design Themes Core shortcodes,

The theme also provides fantastic ornament possibilities. This template was created using high-end frameworks like Slider Revolution, UNYSON, and WooCommerce.

The WordPress theme Augury provides real psychic readings with amazing abilities and features.

The website looks impressive because of its distinctive icon design. This theme is perfect for any website that offers astrology services because it is 100% responsive and is built with a retina-ready interface.


This WordPress theme was created specifically for websites dedicated to astrologers, divination, the zodiac, and psychics. You can quickly customize it thanks to the clear coding and modern style.

The theme is retina-ready and responsive. It allows users to easily contact each other, view horoscope reports, or order them.

Users may easily and smoothly browse webpages thanks to Stellarium. To evaluate the connectivity, it was put through a variety of browser tests.

The templates work perfectly on each of them. You can also control it with any device.

Regarding features, it contains 16 home page layouts over 4 fantastic demo kinds, the Woocommerce plugin, and a price calculator plugin. Additionally, there are separate sections for each zodiac sign's forecast.

There is also a section of the blog for customer service, sales, and listings of astrological products, as well as for ordering horoscopes.

The theme is available in three different color schemes: light, dark, and colored. It also includes astrology sign icons.

Additionally, there is a WordPress customizer, a one-click import tool, preconfigured child themes, Google fonts, and extensive documentation. Your website will certainly have a successful future with Stellarium.

Angela Gehl

Angela Gehl is a well-known psychic medium and expert on cold cases. She has created a psychic website to advance her work and seize more worthwhile prospects after realizing the importance of having a strong online presence.

The client may quickly connect with her via social media, email, and a contact number thanks to its straightforward design.

The hero header features a headline and an amazing video as the background. Along with the giant menu, it also employs a sticky header to facilitate navigation.

Be-tsy Lefae

You can locate spiritual counselors to help you figure out what you need when you feel lost and empty.

Fortunately, many psychics believe that having an online presence is a powerful tool for connecting with clients.

Here is the design of Betsy Lefae's psychic website, which might serve as wonderful inspiration for the aesthetics of your own website.

She is a certified psychic, an authority on intuition, and a relationship coach. The homepage features a rather simple, minimalist style that places a strong emphasis on readability.

Additionally, she has been highlighted in numerous periodicals that display their content using tiny symbols arranged horizontally.

What else? Additionally, included on the website is a video integration that beautifully introduces her work.


This two-skin psychic and astrological template is ideal for natal chart readings, tarot readings, fortune-telling, producing horoscopes, and other related tasks.

Additionally, you can organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and certification programs.

This template allows you to sell things because it has different page layouts and pages for every purpose.

It includes the Elementor page builder and a built-in calendar. Alao is a wonderful framework created with Instagram compatibility, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Slider Revolution, and Essential Grid.

It is completely responsive across all device types and compatible with WooCommerce.

You receive simple installation, expert assistance, a variety of pre-made page layouts, responsive pictures, and excellent blog layouts. includes the incorporation of social media.

Additionally, it has variable color choices, a header and footer style creator, and mobile device optimization.

Widget spaces, Google fonts, and built-in translation options are also included.

You also have full access to the documentation, a wide variety of shortcodes, and simple customization options. Overall, Mystik gives life to your website.

Psychic woman
Psychic woman

People Also Ask

What Is Meaning By Psychic?

A person with unusual mental abilities, such as the capacity to foresee the future, understand what others are thinking, or be able to communicate with the dead.

A person with psychic abilities.

What Is Psychic Energy?

The energy that fuels and supports mental function.

Where Is The Word Psychic From?

The term "psychic" relates in part to the human mind or psyche and is derived from the Greek word psychikos, which means "of the mind" or "mental" (ex. "psychic turmoil"). The Greek term also translates as soul.

The charming lady Psyche was the deification of the human soul in Greek mythology.

What Does Psych Mean In Psychology?

Mental activities and processes, psychological psychodynamics.


If you're interested in having a real reading, you could find it difficult to choose the best online psychic reader for you. But we do hope that this list has been helpful in doing so.

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