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SEO Templates That Will Help You Rank Higher


It's very difficult to run an SEO strategy.

This is the reason we recommend these SEO templates.

They'll assist you in mastering every step of the procedure, including choosing high-value keywords, optimizing web pages, assessing your progress, and more.

Moreover, a proposal form for wooing potential customers

This page has a list of templates that can help you get more traffic from organic search results.

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What Is SEO And How It Works?

Your content writer may arrange and improve your information for search engines by using an SEO template for landing pages and blog posts.

The best content templates have a list of questions and keywords that provide the writer with plenty of guidance.

Template for SEO Content and Blogging

A Template For Keyword Research

Use a free template to streamline and organize your keyword research (available in Excel and Google Sheets).

A template can help you do keyword research quickly and effectively, whether you are starting a new SEO project, trying to get more people to find your website through search engines, or looking for target keywords for a new piece of content.

Why Use A Template For Keyword Research?

Much like pretty much everything else in SEO, keyword research is more difficult than ever.

Everyone utilized the outdated Google Keyword Tool back then.

Today? There are countless alternatives to tools.

Additionally, new methods for detecting keywords are released weekly.

The template collects all those various strategies into one location.

So, as opposed to switching between a gazillion tabs and losing track of where you are while doing so,

Simply read through the template.

You'll have a lengthy list of keywords once you're done. Additionally, all the metrics to aid in choosing which to target.

SERP Research Statistics
SERP Research Statistics

What Is Contained?

What is contained in the keyword research templates is as follows:

  • These are the five things you should look at to decide if a keyword is worth pursuing.
  • Unconventional sources like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Exploding Topics are good places to go for term suggestions.
  • I've added four additional tried-and-true techniques for finding keywords—a few that you'll undoubtedly recognize. There are some who you might not be familiar with.
  • How to apply for a template.
  • Fill up the template's metrics section.
  • Choose a focus keyword.
  • Optimize your page using the term you've selected.

How To Select A Keyword As A Target

Nothing is more crucial to SEO than selecting the appropriate keywords.

Using a template, it is simple to compile a lengthy list of keyword options.

Additionally, you must assess them before adding the metrics.

But you'll still need to choose one at the end of that procedure.

This is how to accomplish it:

To discover the metrics you need, use a tool like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or SEMrush.

They may also assist you in coming up with new keyword suggestions. After that, base your choice on the below considerations.

In general, the better, the more monthly searches a keyword receives (because it will increase traffic to your website).

The majority of SEO tools, including Ahrefs and SEMrush, offer keyword difficulty scores; the easier it is to rank for, the lesser the difficulty.

On the other hand, the free MozBar browser plugin can be useful if you don't have access to a commercial application.

After installing the extension, look up the desired keyword on Google.

Examine the PA and DA rankings of the top-performing websites.

The harder they are to compete against, the higher their scores are.

The best technique to determine a keyword's level of commercial intent is through this. Advertisers will not pay more per click than they are worth in that traffic.

As a result, a higher average CPC indicates a more valuable keyword. A connection to your business.

True, the CPCs for valuable keywords are greater. But that doesn't always imply that you should value them.

This "metric" has no specific numerical value attached to it.

Are your potential customers likely to use this keyword in their searches?

If so, that's fantastic. Alternatively, choose a different keyword.

The trend in search volume Fast-growing keywords are my favorite to target.

In fact, I'd much rather target a medium-volume term with increasing monthly searches than a large one with decreasing searches.

You may see this data in Google Trends in addition to Ahrefs and SEMrush.

On Page SEO Template | Get it Now

Template For On-Page SEO

Use a practical template, which is accessible in Word, Google Docs, and PDF, to optimize your content for SEO.

Using keywords effectively on your page is made simple with the help of a free template.

So, a template can help you improve your Google results, whether you want to optimize your blog posts, e-commerce product pages, or local service sites for certain keywords.

The Purpose Of Using A Template For On-page SEO

Over the past few years, on-page SEO has seen a MAJOR transformation.

Back then, optimizing your page just required you to take four or five simple steps (like making sure that your keyword density was high enough).

Today? The process of content optimization is much more involved.

And they involve more complicated steps than before.

You can keep track of all the tiny tasks you need to complete to optimize your content.

To make sure you're ticking off every item that Google and other search engines want to see, use it as a checklist.

In reality, we keep track of everything using an on-page SEO checklist. Otherwise, we might forget a tiny detail (like adding my keyword in an H2 tag).

However, we make sure that every step is completed when we have a helpful on-page SEO template open in one tab and my page open in another.

What Is Involved?

What's included in an on-page SEO template is as follows:

  • Strategies for page-level keyword optimization include ways to use your keyword in the text of your pages, as well as in their URLs and title tags.
  • Discover how to optimize your content so that users of Google searches may quickly find what they're looking for.
  • Techniques for those who want to advance their on-site SEO.

Application Of This Template

  • Send out a website draft or a current page you want to improve.
  • Determine a single target keyword for which you want that page to rank.
  • Utilize a template to strategically position that term on your page.
  • Publish your revised or new page.
  • Use the Google Search Console in order to have your page indexed.

A Template For SEO Strategy

Utilize a free SEO Strategy Template to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy (available in Word, Google Docs, and as a PDF).

You can use a template to find your target market, find profitable keywords, organize your content creation strategy, learn how to build links, and more.

Why Use A Template For An SEO Strategy?

A scalable method for driving massive amounts of visitors to your website is SEO.

But it's challenging.

It's very simple to spend a lot of time tinkering with title tags and getting nowhere.

A SEO strategy template can be used in that situation. It is a thorough list of what you must do to improve your rankings.

  • This will help you focus on the things that will have the most impact while giving your resources priority.
  • Additionally, it will streamline everything, saving you both time and money.
  • Overall, this creates a significant competitive advantage.
  • Utilize a template to put up an SEO plan for your company and increase Google traffic.

How To Develop A Successful Search Engine Optimization Plan

It's a fact that developing an SEO strategy from scratch is a serious task.

You may start out on the right foot with the aid of a template. But it's a broad strategy.

It is not a set of specific instructions. You must be an expert in the specifics if you want to thrive in SEO.

Mobile phone with phone optimization SEO message
Mobile phone with phone optimization SEO message

SEO Audit Templates

Utilize this thorough SEO audit template to increase organic search traffic. (Available as a PDF, Google Doc, or Word document.)

Use it to evaluate and improve the websites of your clients.

Why Use A Template For An SEO Audit?

SEO was really simple in the past

  • You may create a page with some fundamental information on it.
  • There, repeat your goal term a number of times.
  • Then, in a single afternoon, they create a few dozen low-quality connections.

However, such a strategy is no longer effective.

200+ ranking criteria are now used by Google.

These include cutting-edge tools like RankBrain, which make use of machine learning to assess how well various pages satisfy searchers' needs.

It might be challenging to know where to begin with so many options.

With the help of a SEO audit template, you can rapidly determine how well-optimized a website is.

Find areas where you can improve. and implement the necessary changes that are most likely to boost its search traffic.

all without getting bogged down in the specifics.

What Is About?

SEO audit templates contain the following information:

  • Backlinks, competitive analysis, internal linking, and other on-page and off-page variables.
  • Tweaks to the site's content: modifications to make it more polished. Additionally, to confirm that it complies with the search objective.
  • Indexing, page load time, website architecture, and other technical issues
  • Picking Low-Hanging Fruit to Improve Your Position
  • You may do several things to boost your search traffic. But occasionally, you just need something quick. Here is a list of fast-win tasks that can help you raise your clout.
  • Look for brand mentions without a link. While occasionally referring to other websites, bloggers frequently just mention them.
  • So, contacting any website owners who have done so with your site is a quick way to generate links. We always include links to any content that isn't currently ranking highly whenever we publish a new article.
  • To uncover fresh LSI keywords for current material, use Google's autocomplete and "People Also Ask" features.
  • Increase the amount of content on stale pages. Product pages and category pages, in particular, on e-commerce websites, frequently have relatively little material.
  • Look at what your main rivals are doing differently. When your website isn't included on Google's front page, it's a good idea to check this: Take a look at the unique strategies used by the top-ranked pages.

A Template For Monthly SEO Reports

Utilize a free template for a monthly SEO report to demonstrate the worth of your SEO efforts (available in Word, Google Docs, and as a PDF).

Your reporting will be more efficient if you use this fill-in-the-blanks template, whether it's for internal or external clients.

People will actually read it because it is straightforward enough.

And it can demonstrate how your SEO efforts improve financial results.

SEO Audit for Beginners [With Free Template]

Why Use A Template For A Monthly SEO Report?

For SEOs, monthly reporting is a major issue. It's a challenging balance. The best SEO analysis is:

  • It is simple to read yet also specific.
  • informative. However, not too long.
  • It is simple to construct for you. but not so much that it interferes with the work at hand.
  • Any SEO work you undertake for clients is true. or if they are a member of an internal marketing team.
  • A template for a monthly SEO report achieves the ideal mix.

How To Boost Your SEO Results With These 4 Simple Steps

If you aren't seeing any results, even the best SEO report template won't help.

Try these four easy ways to get more traffic quickly before you send out your monthly client update.

Add supplementary keywords. Adding more relevant keywords to a page that is already popular is one of the quickest ways to increase traffic.

Simply enter your primary keyword into Google and scroll down to see the related searches. Alternately, visit Google Images and browse the "category" tab up top.

Another excellent resource for prospects is the Google Search Console.

Go to "Performance" after signing into your GSC account. Pick one at the top by clicking on "Pages."

Return to "Queries" and sort them there by impressions. After that, click "Average position" up top.

You can now view the keywords that lead to plenty of page impressions but poor rankings.

To increase traffic, add any missing keywords to that page. Eliminate (or enhance) "thin" pages.

Add definitions of "what is" to your blog postings. Every day, people look for definitions online.

PC with useful applications for SEO
PC with useful applications for SEO

People Also Ask

What Is SEO Style Writing?

The process of writing material for search engines like Google's first page is known as SEO writing.

This is done by doing keyword research on relevant terms and creating content that is optimized and fits the user's needs.

How Do You Write SEO In 4 Easy Steps?

  • Assemble information using the Keyword Magic Tool and Topic Research.
  • Examine keywords based on keyword difficulty.
  • Outline your content and create an SEO content template.
  • Using the SEO Writing Assistant, rate your writing as you go.

What Is A SEO Keyword?

Keywords are concepts and themes that describe the subject matter of your article.

They are also known as "search queries" in the context of SEO and refer to the words and phrases that users type into search engines.

If you remove every element from your page, including all the photos, videos, copy, etc.,


Your content writer may arrange and improve your information for search engines by using an SEO template for landing pages and blog posts.

The best content templates have a list of questions and keywords that provide the writer with plenty of guidance.

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