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Blogger5 HTML5 And CSS3 Template


Bloggers out there might be familiar with Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

It wouldn't be surprising as well if this particular template captured the interest of several bloggers.

The 2-column HTML5 and CSS3 templatethat is Blogger5 is popular for its vivid and stunning colors.

Colors draw attention to a blog. They can drive netizens to explore one’s blog because colors affect people psychologically.

Of course, aside for the spectacular colors, bloggers find other reasons to use the aforementioned template.

Read further to know more about Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

Blogger: How to Install new Template (Theme) Change design of your Blog

Blog Website Templates

Before diving into Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template, let’s first talk a bit about Blogger.

One example of a content management system (CMS) you can use to blog is Blogger.

Created by Pyra Labs in 1999, Google became the new owner of this publishing software when it acquired Pyra in February 2003.

Up to the present times, Blogger remains to be a free blogging service.

According to ad platform Adsterra, below are the three most common reasons why people choose Blogger:

  • Setting up is easy.
  • It’s supported by Google.
  • It can be monetized (meaning, you can earn from blogging at Blogger).

The web offers plenty of free Blogger templates, such as the Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

The following are some of the free blog templates for Blogger:

  • Alpha and TheBlogger (perfect for SEO optimization)
  • Better Mag and FutureMag (magazine-style theme)
  • Boxy (several menus available)
  • PhotoMag and Shutter (ideal for photoblogs)
  • The Loco (for that professional look)
Samples of free Blogger template Morpho
Samples of free Blogger template Morpho

Blogger CSS Templates

Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template deals with the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Online tutorial website JavaTpoint differentiated CSS3 from CSS in terms of modules: the former “could split into modules.”

Between the two, CCS3 is faster.

CCS Level 3 (CSS3), according to Techopedia, has the following CSS Modules (in layman’s term: features):

  • 2D/3D transformations
  • Animations
  • Backgrounds and borders
  • Box model
  • Image values and replaced content
  • Multiple column layout (column-width, column-gap, column-count)
  • Selectors (improvement on page levels)
  • Text effects (white adjustment, text justification)
  • User interface

The improved version of CSS makes it “a powerful tool,” according to educational site eduCBA.

The new features of CSS3 contribute to the enhancement of Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

What Is The HTML In Blogger?

When creating a blog post at Blogger, working behind the scene is the computer code known as HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

By saying “behind the scenes,” it means as a blogger adds text (and images along the way), codes also get written.

Bloggers normally write content – not codes.

In Blogger, there is a “Compose view” and an “HTML view.”

The “Compose view” is used when bloggers want to edit a post. The “HTML view” is when they want to check out the codes to fix something.

The “HTML view” could be handy when it comes to using Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

As of 2020 (the year when changes were made in Blogger), the Post Editor toolbar has the button to access the “Compose” and the “HTML” modes.

That button – it appears as a pencil with a drop-down menu – is located on the extreme left of the Post Editor toolbar.

When clicked, the words “HTML view” will appear beside the symbol “<>” as well as the words “Compose view” beside an image of a pencil.

Full screen of Kappe HTML5 template
Full screen of Kappe HTML5 template

Does Blogger Use HTML5?

Per Google’s reminder, those using Blogger can either use HTML or CSS to change one’s blog.

Now that goes to say that Blogger uses HTML5.

Just as CSS3 is the newest version of CSS, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML.

HTML5 is mobile friendly.

Using Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template, HTML’s fifth version brings with it many new tags, such as:

  • <article>
  • <audio>
  • <canvas>
  • <header>
  • <footer>
  • <video>

Entrepreneur and digital marketer Neil Patel revealed in his eponymous website that HTML5 is popular in business websites.

It could therefore be surmised that the blogs of certain business establishmentsgo for those templates that generally exude a professional vibe.

When looking for Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template, the following are recommended:

  • Burstfly
  • Creative Vision
  • Future Imperfect (ideal for businesses)
  • Kahini
  • Noise In Fashion
  • Spore
  • Triangle (ideal for publishers; school blogs)
HTML above an inverted red pentagon-like shape and CSS above an inverted blue pentagon-like shape
HTML above an inverted red pentagon-like shape and CSS above an inverted blue pentagon-like shape


Perhaps one of the reasons why content creators remain loyal to Google’s blogging platform is because of the available Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template.

Blogger offers a wide selection of HTML5 and CSS3 templates, with several ones for free.

Others are sold at reasonable prices. One site has templates for as low as $8-10, and some are priced higher than $50.

Blogger5 HTML5 and CSS3 template could be the boost a blog needs; so, try it now.

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