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Simple Website Templates - When Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Boring


When one thinks of simple website templates, dull layouts should never pop into one’s head.

When talking about simplicity at least in terms of templates, we’re dealing with, for example, clean layouts (avoiding the so-called cluttered look).

In addition, simplicity can be equated with the ease of navigating a blog or website, where templates play a factor in it.

Complicated templates may intimidate or overwhelm bloggers, particularly first-timers.

So, when it comes to simple website templates, it’s never about being boring or uninteresting.

Learn to build a Simple Website Template with HTML & CSS

Free Simple Website Templates

The mere number of available free simple website templates could be enough to convince bloggers and website owners to choose a modest layout.

In the blogosphere and in the bigger World Wide Web, in terms of templates and layouts, modernity embraces simplicity.

As Colorlib, a resource site for WordPress themes, puts it:

Modern web design tends to be clean and minimal.

Checkout these free simple website templates:

1. Brooke

  • for online resume websites
  • sections: About, Experience, Testimonials, Contacts

If you’re aiming for a multi-page resume website, try Julian, which comes with the website builder Zyro.

2. Belton

  • for chefs and food caterers
  • fast uploading of contents

3. Connect

  • described by Colorlib as “innovative and unique”
  • for those looking for a split-screen layout/design

4. X-Corporation

  • for business/corporate/startup websites
  • some of its features: carousels, Google Maps, off-canvas navigation system (Mobile Menu)

5. Oving, Ribot, and Trainer

  • three simple website templates for people promoting their craft (e.g., life coaching, online marketing, designing, etc.)
  • Trainer is particularly ideal when endorsing activities (a good pick for gym owners/trainers and the likes).

Truly, one of the joys of selecting simple website templates is that it can cost one nothing.

Photosen black-and-white website template
Photosen black-and-white website template

Simple Website Templates For Beginners

While there are novice bloggers that are tech-savvy, several beginners are not.

Simple website templates are more recommended for the latter, though those who are more inclined with computers can also appreciate them.

As the American poet Walter “Walt” Whitman (1819-1892) once quipped:

Simplicity is the glory of expression.

Creatives have a lot of things going on in their head that they simply want to express in the written word and share online.

For new bloggers, the following simple website templates for beginners can be the key to a wonderful online journey:

1. Aspire(by Daywork)

  • for bloggers who want their readers to focus more on the written contents of the blog
  • with transitions and animations

2. Satoshi(by JP; perhaps named after the mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto)

  • ideal for financial websites (about banking, cryptocurrency, digital payments, etc.)
  • 20 unique landing pages
  • 35 flexible multi-purpose elements

3. Better Half (by Flowyak)

  • for creatives and photographers
  • option for dark mode (suggested when viewing Projects Page)

4. Pixels

  • for a multipurpose website
  • major highlights: big fonts and large sections

5. some simple website templates for business owners

  • Dogger- pets/animal websites
  • Mercer(by Medium Rare) - real estate websites
  • Opus(by Flowbase) - small enterprises and medium-sized businesses
  • Vet X(by BRIX Templates) - veterinarians
  • Yonk(by Djaya de Vries) - bars and restaurants

Each of these templates provides first-time bloggers a good start.

Assortment of simple technology website templates
Assortment of simple technology website templates

HTML Simple Website Templates

A 2021 article published by online tutorial site Envato Tuts+ gives some reasons why one should use HTML website templates.

The reasons focus on these three keywords: affordability, functionality, and usability.

First, according to the said article, it’s cheaper to use HTML simple website templates than to hire a web designer.

Second, the “built-in functionality” of HTML templatesgives any blog or website the capacity to compete with others.

Third and last, templates should be “easy to use” and customizable.

Here are five HTML simple website templates worth the try, per Envato’s recommendation:

1. Mono

  • a multipurpose HTML5 template
  • compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2. Aster

  • for creative portfolio/agencies
  • 1,000 fonts
  • 22 pre-configured page layouts

For personal portfolio/websites, try Bolbyor Tokyo.

3. Pofo

  • simple but striking and bursting in colors
  • ready for search engine optimization (SEO)

4. Litho

  • an HTML5 template for niche websites (e.g., startups, travel, lodging. etc.)
  • compatible with eCommerce plugins

5. Seeva

  • for medical and healthcare service websites
  • five homepage layouts

All the simple website templates enumerated above are some of the latest ones for 2022.

A development company HTML website template
A development company HTML website template

People Ask

Which Template Is Best For Website?

The best template, as discussed earlier, is the one that’s easy to use, highly functional, and affordable.

It’s difficult to choose just one particular template, but from ThemeForest, a source for WordPress themes and templates, the best website templates for 2022 include:

  • BeTheme(personal and business websites)
  • Braille(design studios; photographers)
  • Doob (business consultancy)
  • Karma(blogs; online stores)
  • Polo(multipurpose)

Can I Code My Own Website?

Yes, you can, according to an article published by Columbia Engineering Boot Camps on its website.

Still, for those without coding experience, Columbia named the following website builders that can be tried:

  • Drupal
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace
  • Wix


Never underestimate simple website templates.

When looking for templates when starting a blog for the first time, the adage “less is more” can become relevant.

Well, it could be interpreted as: “the less it’s complicated, the more the blogger can focus on content than on technical details.”

Simple website templates can still result in a functional, reliable, and efficient blog or website.

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